• Alexandra Unger

    Alexandra Unger

  • Frank Mastronuzzi

    Frank Mastronuzzi

    Founding Partner@punchfinancial, VP Business Development @GreenoughGroup, CFO, MBA, SF-Based, matchmaker, consummate optimist, LGBT equality advocate, proud zio

  • Rohan Mathur

    Rohan Mathur

  • Greg Aurand

    Greg Aurand

    decentralize : p2p : voluntarism : bitcoin : privacy : liberty : waking down : simplicity : antifragile : hacking depression : D/s : paleo/primal : biohacking

  • Golazo Photo

    Golazo Photo

  • Harley Green

    Harley Green

    Associate at Seedrs

  • Sven Haadem

    Sven Haadem

  • Kwame Opam

    Kwame Opam

    News Editor @ The Verge. “At least you have a story!” is my middle name.

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